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What to expect in your first year after buying a new build home

Buying a new build property can be one of the most exciting milestones in your life, especially if you’re a first time buyer who has just been handed the keys to their first home.

After settling in and getting your bearings, you may be wondering what the first year in your new home will bring and whether owning a property will suddenly change your habits.

Here’s what you can expect…

You’ll turn into an eco warrior

Many new build homes are built with energy efficiency in mind but in a bid to reduce your household carbon footprint (and keep your bills down!) you’ll find yourself tutting when lights are left on and may even hear yourself utter those famous words, “It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here!”

Are you slowly turning into your mother? Yes. Yes you are.

Move over Gretta Thunberg, there’s a new environmentalist in town and this one has a stash of energy saving bulbs under the sink.

You’ll want to decorate. A lot

Most new build properties are finished to a superb standard and are often ready to move in but that won’t stop you from flicking through Pinterest for interior design ideas.

We give it 3 weeks before you have a mood board that even Kelly Hoppen herself would be proud of. Decorating your property is a great way to put a stamp on your home and provides a great talking point with your new neighbours.

A top tip is to remember to cover your floors with old sheets and always have a damp cloth handy. The last thing you want to do is spray paint over your new floors.

The bin collection rota will confuse you

You’ve missed the last recycling bin collection day and with stacks of cardboard boxes still lingering around, you’re eager to finally clear your green bin. But wait.

The nice couple at number 10 have the black bin out? Could you be mistaken? Surely you haven’t missed it again? You look down at the food waste bin. God only knows when that gets collected but you fill it hopefully each week.

Some good advice? When you move in, go online to your local council’s website and look for the rota and if you can’t find it, give them a call. Put the dates straight into your phone and set up alerts so you can’t forget.

You’ll want to host a game’s night

Gone are the days of staying out until 4am – you’ve got giant Jenga to play and your next door neighbour’s winning streak to beat.

If you’re feeling really fancy, a great way to get familiar with your new kitchen is to host a dinner party. In fact, you can find some great recipes that’ll be sure to earn you the title of hostess with the mostess here.

You’ll have… a tool box

It started off as a collection of a couple of Allen keys and few screws but a year on, you’ll be gazing proudly at your box of tools which now includes sandpaper, a hammer, screwdrivers and a measuring tape.

Can you build anything from scratch? No. But you are now equipped to assemble IKEA flatpacks.

Your search history will consist of a list of animal rescue websites

If you’ve always dreamt about having a furry friend in your home, you’ll likely spend hours scrolling through rehoming centre websites after you’ve moved in and it’s not surprising given that as a nation, 40% of us own a pet.

Before you decide whether to adopt or shop, be sure to puppy proof your property to avoid potential damage. It can also be a good idea to let your neighbours know that there may be some temporary howling or a curious kitten climbing on their fence.

Telling your neighbours about your new arrival is a great way to break the ice if you haven’t spoken to them yet and it’s always nice to be courteous.

You’ll have a favourite neighbour

The Harry Potter pumpkins that number 5 put out at Halloween will almost sway your decision but it’ll be the trendy looking lady at number 7 who triumphs. Afterall, she works from home and is always in to take your Amazon parcels.

Our top tip? Don’t be afraid to be “that guy” when it comes to starting a conversation with your new neighbours.

It might feel like an awkward hurdle at first but the great thing about a new build property is that your neighbours are likely to be new to the street too.

Want to know more about new builds?

Whether you’re considering buying a new build property or have recently moved in and are seeking insurance, the experts we work with can help you save money by finding and comparing the right deal for you.

Contact an advisor to find out more and don’t forget to ask about our fee free service when buying from one of our developer partners.

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