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Our client is over the moon!

Where I do start! On the 25th of July 2021…my home including the car in Worcester Park was flooded (and other 21 family homes too) and majority of my belongings were destroyed. Thanks to my home contents insurance they paid for me to stay in the hotel. In this period and trauma I realised I can’t go back renting after 25 years especially when my ex landlord treated in the most horrific manner, she only cared of the loss of rent and if I were to return she told me I will have to pay the increase rent and this was on the fourth day of the tragedy. (Just to add after living there for 17 years I paid her mortgage off and she has a beautiful house up the road). Council didn’t want to know as I was renting privately. I was still in shock and looked like a ghost but she didn’t care. I that point I decided despite my situation, whilst crying with everyone I knew it was my time to get on the mortgage or least try. I had some money with family but it was a hurdle to access it in order to put a deposit on a property but have no clue where to start from, but one thing I knew that I always dreamt of a new build.

With all the odds I contacted the developers new build site in WP and they advised that in this area it will be out of my budget, but if I went a little out it will drop in price. So contacted the developers site in Horley and they had only one apartment left on the ground floor and they required deposit of £500 that’s all. Unknown what the property was going to look like as it wasn’t build yet and did not look at others and went for it. I have no money in my pocket at this stage but they are taking my word so that was a positive for me, still crying and dealing with matters alone. Then a lovely gentlemen from the other branch gave me Nigel Hawkins number to contact who deals with mortgages at the site in Horley.

I spoke to Nigel, the best thing I ever did he gave me hope! although I was traumatised and so upset he just stood by me from the moment we spoke. As I write this line am crying. This man knew that I had nothing but was relying on the basis of my word that I have money with family and that needs to be released and this was complex as they were being difficult, but that didn’t stop him!!! He took my word and started to apply for the mortgage against all the odds. He heard my story and was empathic and to hear I was a domestic violence survivor and a son with severe mental health problems, which during this period tried to take his life twice. But Nigel knew I needed a chance, after all have achieved alone and prospered so much in life and also have a good job now she needs a break from all.

He took all my personal details and requested to send all the documents via email and he started his mission. He didn’t stop, we worked closely and I gave him updates regarding my funds and he kept pushing the lending company and he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Money came through eventually with very painful blood tears that’s family for you! Not only Nigel got the mortgage but even did the Help to Buy application which was also approved. And the mortgage was at great interest rate and monthly low payments. I am stating this all in a nut shell, but this man OMG! God bless him, he is such nice man and I wish all his dreams are granted! He is the kindest man I have ever known. He went beyond the extra mile, and I know for sure he was told by the developer that I am not a trustworthy of buyer for the property, but he didn’t tell me this information, as he knew this will really hurt me.

He looked at me as a victim of all ends in life and to add to the latest of new trauma was a flood. Nigel thank you my dear special friend!!!!!!! Your family should be truly blessed to have a wonderful man in their life! I wasn’t a just customer for you, it meant something more for you, I know!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! No family stood by, but my friends and the new ones I made along at the hotel for 5 months, and that includes you.

Lastly will like to thank the whole team at Threshold mortgages, but special thanks to Anne-Marie Cummins thank you so much!!!!! And those who are contemplating to go with this Mortgage Broker Company, you will be mad not to!!!!

Nigel Hawkins thank you with all my heart!!!!!!!

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