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“Help! I’m moving home and don’t know where to start!”

This is a common problem for many movers, especially first time buyers who have never had to organise a move before.

We want you to spend more time cosying up in your new home and less time worrying about which box has the lightbulbs in, so we’ve listed our top tips to help you wade through the jumble and settle into your new property in peace.

Declutter, Marie Kondo style

One of the main reasons people move is because of a need for more space so think carefully about the items you are taking to your new home. Do you need them? Do you still use them or are you keeping items for the sake of it?

Having a declutter can really help to ease the pressure of unpacking once you move as during the decluttering process, you can organise your belongings into categories.

This method is recommended by organising consultant Marie Kondo who advises her clients to keep only the things that spark joy.

Measure your furniture

We’ve all seen the famous Friends episode of Ross shouting “PIVOT!” as he tries to squeeze his sofa up a flight of stairs. Don’t be that guy.

Order a measuring tape online and do a quick check that your large furniture will fit through your new door frames. If it doesn’t, check if it can be dismantled and if not, consider donating it or listing it on selling sites such as Gumtree or Ebay.

Make sure you have the right tools

Preparation is key when it comes to organising a smooth move, so try to order all of the bits and bobs you’ll need for packing and getting settled once you’re in your new home roughly 6 weeks before the move.

Useful items could include:

  • Boxes – Include smaller boxes to store within bigger boxes. This helps to keep related items together without things getting tangled or crushed. To save money, ask your local superstore or market if they have any cardboard boxes that you can reuse.
  • Pens – A range of colours can help to colour code boxes.
  • Plastic containers – These can be used to pack liquids stood up to avoid leakage and staining.

Pack your essentials in a separate box

Remember to pack your must-have items in a separate bag or box and keep this open until the very last minute in case you think of things to add.

Some handy items to pack might include:

  • Phone charger
  • Snacks and bottled water
  • Toilet roll
  • Cloths

The first night in a new home can feel strange and unfamiliar, so keeping your must have items to hand can make the transition feel less daunting.

Write an inventory

Write a list of the items you have to move, room by room. This list can help you prepare for your move as you’ll be aware of how many boxes are in each room and which items are more fragile and need more care when handling.

Mark your boxes on the sides and on the tops so that they can be easily identified when being unloaded at the other end. To make it even easier for the person unpacking, use a different coloured felt tip for each room.

Getting organised for your move from a rented property

A good tip if you’re leaving a renting property is to make a note of any scuffs or damage and take a picture for your own records. This helps to reduce disputes and speed up the return of your deposit.

Check your Insurance

Some property insurance policies will cover for breakages in transit but always check the terms and conditions of your agreement as every provider is different.

If you’re planning on using a removal company or hiring a van to do it yourself, check whether the price includes insurance and if it doesn’t, consider getting a few quotes to avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Ask for help!

The mortgage and moving process can come with its own trials and tribulations but remember, you can always ask professionals for help.

Whether you’re a first time buyer moving into a new build or a seasoned mover beginning their next venture, our experts can provide you with the mortgage and protection advice to help you move into a property you love, as seamlessly as possible.

Contact us for more information about how our advisors can help you hit the timescales for exchange and completion deadlines.

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