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Colour schemes and furniture dreams – making your new build a home

Buying your first home or moving house is such an exciting milestone and after being unable to browse the stores, hundreds of homeowners are keen to kit out their new builds and hopefully throw a cheeky, albeit socially distanced housewarming when finished.

So if you’re prepping for a pop to the shops to style your property, we’ve listed some tips to help you transform your space, save some money and avoid having to take apart an unruly flat-pack side table that’s too big.

Create a budget and stick to it

Lots of people aim to complete their home so soon after moving in but in reality, creating a space that feels uniquely akin to you takes time and money.

Start with your staple pieces like a bed, sofa and your kitchen appliances rather than doing a room at a time. Having a showroom ready living room is great for the gram but not so great if it means you have to put off buying a washing machine.

Negotiate – even in shops

It’s ever so British to agree to pay a price without first having negotiated. Is it impoliteness or just our awkwardness that makes us want to curl up and cringe and the very thought of haggling?

You’d be surprised at the discounts and deals that you can negotiate for, even in high street shops that set their prices. Lots of shops offer discounts to NHS or armed forces personnel and some even sell their ex-display or defect furniture at a lower rate, so just ask!

Consider your colour scheme

Lots of new build homes are finished with neutral walls for a light and airy feel allowing you to incorporate colour, pattern and texture through your furniture.

Vibrant tones and textures really do light up a room but too many can make a space seem cramped so for smaller rooms like the bathroom, keep your furniture simple to avoid a kaleidoscope of colours that overwhelms.

Comfort over style – your bum will thank you

Have you ever tried to take a nap on a chaise longue? It’s impossible. While a fancy French futon might add a sense of Je ne sais quoi to your home, chances are your bum and back won’t thank you. Comfort is key so avoid buying furniture that just looks nice and instead, invest in furniture that will last and provide you with peace.

Don’t trust your eye rather than a tape measure

This is never a good idea when choosing your furniture, especially when buying online. Thinking your new sofa and coffee table will fit is very different to knowing that it will, so save yourself the stress and hassle on delivery day by knowing your measurements well before you place your order.

Remember that your house is a home, not a showroom!

Your new build home is going to be lived in so don’t stress when it isn’t perfectly presented! It’s a sanctuary for you, so surround yourself with items that make you happy and allow you to relax once the door is closed.

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